Membership & Safety

Measuring the Impact of Responsible Distribution on Environmental, Health, Safety, & Security Performance

The mission of NACD is to enhance and communicate the professionalism and stewardship of the chemical distribution industry. In doing this, it is important that NACD be seen as the premier authority on industry information related to chemical distribution in the United States. When reporters, Congressional staff, and everyday citizens need information on chemical distribution, NACD should be the go-to source – not partisan advocacy groups, private undocumented data services, or federal agencies that might be ill-informed.

For this reason, NACD works with John Dunham and Associates (JDA) as our partner in this effort. JDA conducted our 2019 Economic Impact Analysis, works with dozens of industry trade associations, and understands the importance of ensuring that data are kept both accurate and confidential.

They also assist us in collecting the data for and analyzing the results of the NACD Membership and Safety Questionnaire. This survey is mandatory for all NACD distributor members as required by the association's by-laws. The results from this questionnaire provide NACD with metrics that are vital to our efforts in Washington to advocate on behalf of the chemical distribution industry in front of lawmakers and regulatory agencies. 

NACD members can access this year's Membership and Safety Survey here.

If you have questions about accessing or completing the questionnaire, please contact Aileen Smith at asmith@owlwww.com or (703) 527-6223..



Please click here to view the 2019 Membership & Safety report.