NACD's primary members are chemical distributors that take title to goods and resell said goods as a significant part of their business (attribute >50% of annual revenue to the distribution of chemicals). Distributor applicants should share the functional interests of NACD members and must accept and commit to compliance with NACD's dafabet在线娱乐场®, 其指导原则, and its periodic requirements as a condition of continued membership in NACD.



New applicants are considered a "Candidate" member until verified in full compliance with NACD's dafabet在线娱乐场. The Candidate firm must submit proof of passing third-party verification within two years following the date the Candidate's application is approved for membership by NACD's Board of Directors to be considered a regular voting member. Failure to pass is cause for termination from the association.


  • NACD Members are Leaders in the Industry: 全国有色人种协议会成员占全美的93%.S. 化工分销销售. Gain recognition as an industry leader and interact with other leaders by participating in NACD programs and displaying the "Proud Member" and dafabet在线娱乐场 (upon completion and passing of on-site verification) logo on your website and in your marketing materials.

"dafabet在线娱乐场 helps a given company look at its operating philosophies and procedures and find better ways to implement them. 最终, dafabet在线娱乐场 can be the framework to better understand the key core skills of your business. That may translate into cost-efficiency, 目前, 比以往任何时候都更, 在今天的经济环境下是至关重要的."

— Doug Brown, President, Brown Chemical


  • 对客户的访问: Nearly 80% of members surveyed said they met a potential new supplier or customer at one of our events. 会员 in NACD gives you access to over 400 existing or potential customers. We represent more than 420 companies involved in the supply-chain chemicals industry — and we're growing every year!

十多年前, we purchased our company and it has grown steadily from a little over $1 million in sales to sales over $68 million annually. A large part of this growth was due to my involvement with the NACD and its members. The networking opportunities that exist at meetings have allowed me to interact with fellow members and grow our customer base. Participation in the NACD has meant continued growth for our company."

H -布鲁斯. Schechinger, President, BHS Marketing LLC

  • 法规遵从性的援助: Investment in legislative and regulatory advocacy by NACD has increased over 300% in the last three years. NACD keeps its members up-to-date on regulatory and compliance issues through NewsBrief, a weekly email on what’s going on in DC and around the country on issues affecting the industry. In this increasingly tough regulatory environment, it is imperative for your company to have direct access to the knowledge and information you need to be compliant. NACD also has a dafabet在线娱乐场 Providers Program, a directory designed specifically for members to easily identify the NACD Affiliate that offers the regulatory expertise they need. For an alphabetical listing of our Preferred Providers, please click 在这里.

NACD makes us aware of the regulatory issues facing our company, and of proposed legislation coming down the pike. dafabet在线娱乐场了解的越多, the more effectively we can communicate our position to our legislators, dafabet在线娱乐场成功的关键是什么."

— Andrew Skipp, President/CEO, Hubbard-Hall Inc.

  • 网络 & dafabet888娱乐场: Six out of 10 attendees at NACD events are C-Level. NACD gives its members many opportunities to meet each other throughout the year during our annual meeting, ChemEdge会议和贸易展览, 地区会议, 研讨会, 和网络研讨会.

"I participate in NACD events because I know I'll talk to my peers, people who are experiencing the same challenges each day. Whether it's from a conversation in the hallway or from a formal presentation, I'm always learning something that can benefit my company and help us succeed."

——罗杰·T. Harris, President, Producers Chemical Company

  • 战略合作伙伴: dafabet888娱乐场建立了 战略合作伙伴关系 in a number of operational areas as a way to bring cost-savings benefits to NACD members and Affiliates. Areas include insurance, human resources, compliance support, and more.
  • Increased Visibility within the Marketplace: NACD offers unique ways for getting your message out to new customers. Send us your news and new product announcements and we'll publish that information in our quarterly 化学品分销商 杂志.


  • 交纳年费, 候选人的费用, and costs associated with dafabet在线娱乐场 compliance and verification.
  • 完成年度会员资格 & 安全调查问卷.
  • Compliance with dafabet在线娱乐场 deadlines and requirements.
  • 完成 dafabet在线娱乐场验证 每三年周期.




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